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    War Memorial Chapel
    War Memorial Chapel

About War Memorial Chapel

War Memorial Monument and Chapel located prominently on Drillfield Drive, is a tribute to those alumni of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University who made the supreme sacrifice in our nation's wars.

This memorial is a shrine to fortify education with worship and inspiration. It was conceived as a central campus structure, giving visual evidence of the ethical standards that are traditional at Virginia Tech and are based upon the honor system. It is dedicated to those who gave their all; yet it is designed to inspire the living, especially Virginia Tech graduates of the future.

The Chapel’s permanent features avoid creedal symbolism, yet the space easily accommodates events such as weddings, memorial services, initiations, military commissioning, departmental commencement ceremonies, concerts, religious services, and meetings.

The doors of the Chapel remain unlocked from 6 a.m. until midnight each day except during university closures. War Memorial Chapel is available to students, faculty, staff, or visitors who need a calm, quiet place to get away from the everyday bustle of life--to meditate, to pray, to sit quietly. Spaces in and around the Chapel can also be reserved through the War Memorial Chapel and Events Office.

The Chapel's Mission

The Chapel provides spaces and services that complement the missions of Student Engagement and Campus Life, the Division of Student Affairs, and the University. The Chapel achieves this by:

  • Demonstrating an appreciation for diversity
  • Providing gathering space for groups of all religious backgrounds
  • Providing staff support and event coordination services to clients
  • Promoting leadership development through student employment, as well as an events internship program for students
  • Celebrating and supporting the Virginia Tech Principles of Community

The War Memorial Chapel and Events Office

The War Memorial Chapel and Events Office, located inside War Memorial Chapel, manages all Chapel reservations inside the Chapel, on the Chapel Plaza (located outside the front doors of the Chapel), and on the Chapel Court (the roof). Additionally, this office manages special events and wedding reservations at the Duck Pond (The Amphitheater, Field, and Gazebo), as well as Old Dominion Ballroom (located in Squires Student Center).

Contact Us

To make a reservation please fill out the appropriate reservation form, and email it to our office

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us:

War Memorial Chapel and Events
Student Engagement and Campus Life | Virginia Tech
225 Squires Student Center (0138)
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
phone: 540-231-6240 
fax: 540-231-5430 Email:

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Contact Information

Phone: 540-231-6240

Contact War Memorial Chapel

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